First, thank you for taking an interest. I am a Full Stack Web Designer that focuses on web consulting that covers more than just design and website development.


The experiences I had in the corporate world not only shaped my technological philosophy but also allowed for this philosophy to be "practically applied". In turn, this experience improved my understanding of the relationship between technology and sales, marketing, advertising, etc.


The most important finding is that poor branding efforts and functionality issues can and will plague any firm, regardless of their industry. Correcting these issues can open new opportunities for any firm, company, and/or organization.


Core Fundamentals = Strong Web Presence

Without a foundation reaching your web-based goal just simply isn't possible. A strong strategic plan, surgical precision, and execution is the most direct route to success.


Some of my personal interests are contributing to many web-based open-source solutions and working with a few not-for-profit organizations in the areas of brand development and web design.

What My Clients Are Saying

"It seems almost unbelievable, but Nick brought our global website ranking from 6.5 million down under 700,000 in roughly 6 weeks. However, it is not done and continues to move in the right direction. The results have been outstanding. Our organic reach is now improving daily and our bounce rate remains healthy. With more time, these numbers will only improve."
"We sourced out our website, digital media, printed media, and technical administration to Nick a few years back. Our online impression has been updated to the 21 century. It has significantly increased our customer base and sales. We now can stand proudly behind our marketing material as it now matches our superior end product."
"After speaking with Nick we decided to completely reinvent our club's website. Thanks to Nick's professional support and insight we are now able to present ourselves in a modern and stylish way. We now show up in search engines and have a better way of communicating with members. The club can create its own content when we need it - super easy!!!"

Is your audience seeing your organization the way you intended?

Let's take back control of your web presence and build the brand you want your audience to see.


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NickSchick - Services

Current status of NSFLDC Core Client Services

Client Service Systems

Please see below for additional client services offered by the NSFLDC network. If you find that these section are not available to you please contact to have access granted to you.

Media/Storage Services


ExtraNet/Exchange Portal for client specific information and document exchange


Media Gallery System for client photographs and project related media


Cloud Storage Service for additional client storage

Payment & Projects Portals

Client Project Portal

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/ Invoicing

NEW Client Accounting Portal. This system includes client invoicing, current tasks and credits for all clients

Old Invoicing Systems

These services will be retired May 2018