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Projects & References

I am working with many industry leaders with vastly different expectations.

Complete Solution for "Deuschl-Omnibus"

Deuschl Omnibus Busunternehmen e.K.
Deuschl-Omnibus and I started working together in mid-2016.

Project Requirements:

  • Rebrand Deuschl-Omnibus
  • Free time for management to focus on Sales and "big picture" concepts
  • Generate Additional Capital

Project Recommendations:

  • Corporate Rebranding (Digital, Printed Media & Web Presence) this included:
    • Website Redesign
    • Logo Redesign
    • New Advertising Campaign (Printed & Digital)
  • Launch of a Social Media Presence
  • Automate daily, time-consuming processes

Project Goals and Outcome:

  • Leading in search results for specific Industry in set areas
    • Increase Direct contacts via search engines
  • Streamlined business Invoice Process
  • 25%+ Increase in Sales over a 6 month period as well as new Long Term Contracts

Before vs. After Web Presence







Our company started working with Nick after realizing any previous attempts to positively affect SEO were not working. Within just a few hours of speaking with Nick, it was obvious that he both understood our concerns and had a specific plan to help us fix it. 

It seems almost unbelievable, but Nick brought our global website ranking from 6.5 million down under 700,000 in roughly 6 weeks. However, it is not done and continues to move in the right direction. The results have been outstanding. Our organic reach is now improving daily and our bounce rate remains healthy. With more time, these numbers will only improve. 

One of the areas Nick was instrumental was in helping us move off of a slower and weaker website site builder. From the time we first spoke about the need to make the move to the day the website was live was just a few weeks and superior in every aspect over our previous site. 

At every step of the process, Nick has taken the time to both explain and teach our team how to run our new site efficiently and ensure that we would not need him for the day to day tasks. This has been instrumental because we are able to pay Nick to work on what he does best and not incur unnecessary costs.  We always feel that our investment in Nick is the best possible use of our money. 

I highly recommend Nick to anybody looking to truly optimize their web presence and get the most possible out of your time and talents. It is not enough to simply be good at what you do. In today's climate, you must enlist the help of experts to ensure your target audience can actually find you organically. 

Brian Maucere
Owner - NutritonWOD.com