Featured Projects

Listed Below are some of my latest completed projects.

Deuschl-Omnibus Web Presence

Complete Branding and Web Presence Solution

NutritionWOD - Complete Solution

Complete Branding and Web Presence Solution

RSC Elkofen

Site Development


Design and Development

Deuschl-Omnibus IT Solutions

Operations IT Development

NutritionWOD Interactive User Calculator

Web-base Application Design & Development Stage 1

Automation Logistics Corporation - International Site

Build out of Multilingual International Site

H&S - Infrastructure Build Out

Infrastructure Build Out for H&S International Holdings, Inc.

Nutritionwod Client Dashboard

Web-base Application Design & Development Stage 2

Is your audience seeing your organization the way you intended?

Let's take back control of your web presence and build the brand you want your audience to see.


NickSchick - Servers

Current status of Client Data Centers

NickSchick - Services

Current status of NSFLDC Core Client Services

Client Service Systems

Please see below for additional client services offered by the NSFLDC network. If you find that these section are not available to you please contact webmaster@nickschick.com to have access granted to you.

Media/Storage Services


ExtraNet/Exchange Portal for client specific information and document exchange


Media Gallery System for client photographs and project related media


Cloud Storage Service for additional client storage

Payment & Projects Portals

Client Project Portal

Check the current status of your projects

/ Invoicing

NEW Client Accounting Portal. This system includes client invoicing, current tasks and credits for all clients

Old Invoicing Systems

These services will be retired May 2018